Viral Payment Software Review

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Viral Payment Software Review

New Content Locking System

In this Viral Payment Software Review , You will learn what VPS is , How it works and what you, as a marketer can do, to increase your List Building , Social Media Reach and of course Sales, Using Viral Payment Software.

The problem with current content lockers is that they are plugins that simply shade over the content to be locked but in fact if anyone goes into the source of the site you can access all the content you like.

The Kicker is That you can’t get into the source code to steal the content, like most Content Lockers do.

Now that these guys ( Simon Harries , Mark McKay and Kevin Byrne ) resolved the Content truly being locked issue, Then Traffic becomes the Success Issue.

Traffic….Organic Viral Traffic….Sounds like a bit of Psycho Babble…but the reality is that Organic Viral Traffic is one of the oldest Marketing Methods in the Known Universe….

We used to call it “Word of Mouth” advertising

And, Word of Mouth advertising is the strongest , Most Respected forms of promotion ever….

Just think for a minute…

If you get a call from a friend telling you that “Blue Gizmos” are the greatest thing since Pet Rocks….that is quite a strong testimonial….

That is what using VPS does.

By having someone share your content to 5 friends on Social Media, that is one great endorsement….and if each one of those 5 share to 5 friends….well you get the picture.


Viral Payment Software Review- What is VPS ?

VPS is a Cloud Based Software , which acts as a “Content Locking System” and Payment system all in one.

With VPS , you can lock a piece of content until the viewer either:

  • Shares the Content on Social Media.
  • Gives their E Mail Information in exchange for the content.
  • Pays for the content.

Ok the name maybe a bit misleading….

All in all, this is a Content Locking System with a Payment Function…so forget the name and look at what this tool can do for your Business.

VPS goes out of its way not only as a content locker but also integrates with Paypal as a micro payment locker. Where a user must pay $1 or whatever said amount is to unlock the content/article/download page or coupon.


Viral Payment Software Review

Viral Payment Software Review


viral payment software REVIEW


Viral Payment Software Review

These are just a few of the 16 templates available for use in Viral Payment Software…..There will be additional niche related , and tested, templates available if you buy VPS OTO 2 ( you get 10 new ones each month for a year)

Viral Payment Software Review – Who can Use It ?

  • Bloggers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • E Commerce Stores ( Physical and Digital Products )
  • Digital Product Creators
  • Network Marketers
  • Local Business

For A Longer List of How different Business Models can use VPS….Click Here

Viral Payment Software Review – Features

Micro Payment Unlock”- Customers visiting your website might be reading an article or enticed into watching a video which has been shaded over. Viewers can then pay a few cent or a few dollars to unlock the remaining content.

“Time Delayed Popup” –If a viewer is spending time on your site and you know they are getting warmed up you can offer them an incentive to refer the page and so on.

“Unlock Via Referral” – Viewers coming to your  page are asked to share the page with “x” number of friends to unlock your content This automatically sets your product into a viral frenzy.

“Wait to unlock” – You can simply have a count down on the page you are protecting for the content to unlock. This gives you the opportunity to demonstrate a video of the service you are offering.

“Exit Popup Triggers” – If a viewer proceeds to exit your website they will be presented with an option to refer the page to friends to receive your content.

“Cloud content locker” – Meaning Your content and download links are kept safe and not viewable from the source code of the website. This is a problem for all content locker plugins.

Viral Payment Software Review

Viral Payment Software Review – What to use VPS for

First of all,

List Building, – If you are not building a list , well you have been told enough about that mistake,

Use VPS as an additional Lead Capture page for Content Upgrades, Free Training, Cheat sheets etc….

Sales Funnels – VPS would be perfect for selling a Tripwire offer….or getting a micro commitment from a viewer that would lead them to a warm up page for your main offer ( Social Sharing would be a good bet)…

Affiliate Marketers – How about sharing a discount code for a product, or  sharing a special invite to a Webinar ( for those in the Middle of the Funnel)

SEO – Lengthen the time a viewer spends on your site by putting a time delay on when the locked content will be visible.

E Commerce – Coupons or giveaways that can only be unlocked if the Page is shared…

There are more ways to use VPS….I know I will come up with more as the days go on…..just think about them.

Viral Payment Software Review – How to Set Up

Firstly, the Basic platform will give you the ability to create :

  • Subscription Unlocks
  • Social Sharing Unlocks
  • Payment Unlocks

( the first OTO will add Giveaways and Contest unlocking Capabilities)


The set up is simple as you can see in this video:

After you do your set up a code will be generated and you just drop that in the <body> section of the page you want to lock….very simple.

The only drawback here is that when you are collecting E mail Info, that contact information is stored in a file on VPS.

It will be then up to you to save those E mail Addresses to a file so you can upload them to your Autoresponder service….Maybe an extra 5 mins work….but worth it, in my opinion.

Viral Payment Software Review

Viral Payment Software Review – Proof

These are the results that the developers of VPS got from only using the VPS software to promote this offer

Viral Payment Software Review

Again, Here are results for the last week of 2016

Viral Payment Software ReviewI have not had VPS long enough to add my results to the mix…but I will soon enough


Viral Payment Software Review

Viral Payment Software Review – In Conclusion

By Mixing a Content Locking System with a Micro Payment processor, Simon, Kevin & Mark, have created a unique method of getting Free Viral , Organic Traffic to your Webpages and Offers.

In a world of tougher competition and Target markets that are harder to locate, Viral Payment Software can cut through that muddy environment by reaching “Like Minded” Prospects using Social Sharing, or Word of Mouth Marketing as it used to be called.

For the cost , I see no reason not to at least buy VPS , fool around with it, and if you do not see results in 14 days…get a refund

As I see it, Marketers in 2017 will need every little advantage they can get to get new prospects into their “Tribe”

Viral Payment Software will help you.

You can Get further info on VPS by Clicking this Button !

Viral Payment Software ReviewViral Payment Software Review









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