Demio Review | Demio Webinar Platform Overview

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Demio Review

Overview of Demio Webinar Platform

In order to write this Demio Review, I was engulfed by a ton of very good Internet Marketing Product Releases this week.

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To top it off, Demio’s competitor (Webinar JEO) did a mini re release of it’s webinar platform….

Launch Date : Nov 9 2016 11 am

Demio Review

Demio Review – Features

  • Custom branded registration pages
  • Create a recurring webinar series
  • Let your registrants choose a date/time
  • Use your webcam and share your screen
  • Automation rules for advanced CRM segmentations *Coming soon*
  • Polls with reporting *Coming soon*
  • Play inline videos during a webinar *Coming soon*
  • Create a webinar without a handbook
  • Live, real-time chat with your audience
  • Automatic webinar recordings
  • Automatic reminder emails
  • Custom Thank You Page
  • Invite up to 15 Coordinators
  • Feature individual chat messages *Coming soon*
  • Add tracking pixels to registration page or webinar room *Coming soon*
  • Automatic replay page *Coming soon*
  • Zapier integration

HAVE a look at Demio Here

Demio is the brain child of Wyatt Jozwowski , ( I have known of Wyatt for a few years , through his work and training with SEO)

Furthermore, Wyatt has been using his earnings to develope “Demio ” for the last 2 years and has tested this webinar platform on over 800 Beta Testers. Hence, that gives him a lot of information to tweak Demio and make the webinar platform stunning.

Demio Review – Funnel Pricing

  1. 100 Attendees – $237/Year
  • -All features
  • -Unlimited Webinars
  • -1-on-1 Onboarding
  • -Monthly Q&A Sessions
  1. 500 Attendees – $367/Year
  • -All features
  • -Unlimited Webinars
  • -1-on-1 Onboarding
  • Monthly Q&A Sessions


  1. 1000 Attendees – $497/Year
  • All features
  • Unlimited Webinars
  • 1-on-1 Onboarding
  • Monthly Q&A Sessions

Watch More on Demio Here

Demio Review – Ease of Functions

There is a 20% discount if you pay for a full year’s subscription, and a one-month risk-free trial period. You can also pay for multi-user accounts. Once you subscribe to any plan, you also enjoy access to GoToMeeting, an online meeting service run by Citrix.

The past problem with “Old School” webinar Platforms, is they are not easy to set up for the “Non Techie” Marketer.

Requiring little technological knowledge or experience, even beginners will be impressed by its user-friendliness and intuitive nature. To begin a webinar, you just need sign up for a plan and anybody who is on the internet is able to participate in your event without needing to register.

You can also install the Demio application to your Mac or PC and get to enjoy access to all its functions and features.

Probably, a safe bet that Demio has tons of functions and ease of operation….Perfect for real non techies.


Demio Review – Comparative Pricing

Demio Review

For More Information on the Demio Webinar Platform:


Demio ReviewDemio Review – Conclusion

In conclusion,with all the information I had available on the Demio Webinar Platform, Getting all the information together was a bit of a challenge,

But, I think I got enough to give you a good overview of the Demio Platform.

Check this video out and see more of what Demio can offer you









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