May 24, 2016

About Digital Training Reviews

Sick of Buying Crap ?

                                    BAD DIGITAL TRAINING !

Like you I had spent a lot of money purchasing Digital Training, Courses, software and all kinds of other useless information…

I have more bad courses on my laptop than I do Bad Lures in my Tackle Box…

digital training

In talking to many of you …we all agreed that what was needed was a site that would give honest, transparent Reviews of Digital Training aimed at the Internet Marketer.

I have read so many, so called, “reviews” of Digital Courses, but it took me a while to figure out that these were just Affiliate sites that just wanted our money !

That is why I started “Marketer Product Reviews

This is a site where I will give you an open transparent discussion / review of Digital Training products aimed at the Internet Marketer.

about digital training reviews

In My Reviews I will firstly try to pick Digital Products that have a history of success for the author…and not some guy making it up or creating a course from someone else’s work.

I will also be transparent about:

  • If I received a Free “Review Copy” of the Training
  • If I am An Affiliate seller ( That should tell you how much I like the Product)
  • If I purchased the Product for the review
  • If I am Experimenting with this Digital Training.
  • If I am the Author, I will have a 3rd party do the review.

I hope to include interviews with the Authors, which I will host on my You Tube Channel ,

Blab or on a Webinar…

This way you can ask questions about the Digital Training yourself.

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Finding Digital Training Reviews you are Looking For

Under the “Product Reviews” Tab everything is listed by Topic…

  • Seo
  • List Building
  • Social Media
  • Advertising
  • etc, etc., etc.

Just click on one of those Sub Headings and you get a list of all Products Reviewed in that Topic.

Click on the Review and Read away.

If there is a particular product you would like us to review…

Just leave a comment and I will get to it ….