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Like you I have spent a lot of money purchasing Digital Training, Courses, software and all kinds of other information…Most of it was USELESS ! I have more bad courses on my laptop than Bad Lures in my Tackle Box… In talking to many of you …I found out that Reviews of New Courses just outlined the Sales Page ,Bonuses and Discounts. Nobody had applied the training to see if the claims, made by the Author, stood up to Scrutiny. That is why MPR is different. I actually go through the course, Apply the Training and see what results I get, Then publish them for you to see. This way, You can make an informed decision on how you want to spend your money !

  • We Won't Review a Lot of Products...JUST The ones We can spend Time On to See Results !

  • If We decide to be an Affiliate of a Product We reviewed...We will tell You.

  • We will Get an Independant Reviewer

  • Yup...We will give you training on how to use Products we have reviewed

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